On Glimpses and Excuses: Sitting With Uncertainty

As I sat in my room on April 30, agonizing over whether or not to do a gap year, I found that I was extraordinarily good at thinking of reasons not to. I worried that I would get distracted from schoolwork and struggle upon returning to college, that my desire to travel wasn’t productive, and that I would fall behind my friends.

September Without School: On Starting My Gap Year

By Ben Altschuler

I can’t remember the last September where I did not prepare a book bag, a pencil case, notebooks, my calculator and so on and so forth for the beginning of school. Each year I got older and was told I was in a different grade. Nonetheless, school felt endless.

No "Years Off" Here: What A Gap Year Really Is

By Min-Anh Day

Gap years have been proven to increase academic performance, college completion rates, and even future job satisfaction, but the percentage of high school seniors who opt for a gap year is still quite small. Why this dissonance?

þetta Reddast: Turning Adversity Into Adventure

By Jonah Cedar

The most important thing I learned on my gap time was that change is the only constant thing in life, and the key to absorbing change is understanding that life is only 10% what happens to you, and 90% your attitude towards what happened.

Financing the Gap

By Jonah Cedar

Life is an interesting ride huh? You never know the kind of impact that one decision will have on your life. When I graduated from high school four years ago, I was faced with enrolling in a private university that would have landed me in six figures worth of debt, with no hope of climbing out.

Law and Order in the Midst of Chaos: My COVID Gap Year Working on Set

By Sophia Meloni

Much like everyone else’s, my world came to a screeching halt in March of 2020. I had just gotten over the adjustment period that is the first semester of freshman year and was finally settling into my life at Wesleyan University.

My Gap Year Teaching in India

By Alex Dingle

I didn’t want to wait until after college to start making an impact and experience the “real world,” and the program would provide me with the opportunity to do this while also fostering a supportive community for my eventual return to campus. I knew I had to follow my gut and dive into the adventure of a lifetime.

Deciding to Take a Gap Year

By Hannah Ord

For many, the first fork where you can leave the “traditional road” comes at the end of high school. Your final year at high school signals the end of years of familiar faces, buildings, routines. It is an exciting time but also a nerve-wracking one… full of possibilities and the dreaded unknown. Many choose to pursue higher education and go to college or university. Others choose to go straight into a job and join the world of work. There is another option: a gap year.

Starting My Business During My COVID Gap Year

By Max Tardif

As the pandemic has demonstrated, the world is constantly changing around us, and we must always find ways to adapt. While this year hasn’t gone as planned, my gap year has been an experience that I will truly cherish and will help me to become a more capable entrepreneur.

Taking the Gap Year Leap, Literally!

By Katherine Sorensen

Born and raised in NYC, I had never considered taking a gap year until the college I was planning on attending announced that they would not be accepting students on to campus for the Fall 2020 Quarter only three weeks before our move-in date. After two phone calls with my parents (whom I wouldn’t be seeing until after the gap year deadline had passed), I decided to defer until Fall Quarter of 2021!

Creating a Meaningful Gap Year Experience: How I Started My Own Organization

Starting this project has allowed me to navigate my interests and to gain confidence in what I’m passionate about. I have been involved in gender equality initiatives for a few years now, but I had never seen it as a legitimate career path for me. I was interested in social issues, and yet I couldn’t picture myself working specifically towards gender equality. Why? I don’t know. Maybe my field of studies felt wider, maybe I didn’t want to close any doors for myself. Slowly, my perspective on that has changed.

Making Life a Gap Year

By Filipa Pinto

My name is Filipa and I’m a 20-year-old freelance artist and musician from Portugal. In 2019, after high school, I did my first gap year in Romania, in an EVS volunteering project teaching English to children of the Roma communities.

Lifelong Connection: Returning to Give Back After My Gap Year

By Alex Brindle

I knew I wanted to see the breadth of India during my gap year, so I set out to cross the country East to West, from Calcutta to Mumbai. I hadn’t planned any volunteering on the way––I just wanted to sightsee, work on my Hindi, and generally have a good time before starting university.

10 Ways to Spend a Free / Low Budget Gap Year

No Money? No Problem. There's plenty to do.

Building Healthier Habits During Your Gap Year: Changing Your Perspective on Time

By Liv Cerba

What’s a gap year supposed to look like? For some people, it looks like traveling around the world, volunteering in unfamiliar communities, learning about new cultures, taking free online classes, working in your hometown… I did some of these activities at various points throughout my gap year. However, I have also come to see this year as a tremendous opportunity to work on myself and develop a healthier lifestyle, things that are often overlooked as ways to spend one’s time but that are incredibly important.