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Searching for a community of fellow gap year students? Look no further…

A gap year provides a lot of room for independent growth, but we know sometimes it can be intimidating, isolating or just create FOMO when you’re on your own.
That’s why we created Gapyearly Connect, the first global network of gap year students. Every month you opt in, we’ll match you with a group of fellow gappers with similar interests!

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Future gapper? We're here to help make your gap year the best year yet.

Our team of gap year alums from around the world are here to answer any questions you have within 48 hours – all free of charge.

Current or past gapper? Support the community and share your experiences!

We want to hear from you! Tell us about the memories you made, your parent reflections, and advice for the community.

Need gap year inspo?
Check out these past experiences from gappers!

Swim Coach in Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Swedish Program on Human Rights and Democracy

Sweden, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Study Abroad with API Madrid in Spain

Madrid, Spain

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